who is birdie?

We are two brothers who want to give something back to the healthcare industry we call home.  Bryan is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who wore every scrub on the market, but couldn’t find anything he loved.  Tyler is a healthcare lawyer who treaded the corporate treadmill for too long and wanted to share something he is passionate about – Mindfulness.   We wanted to develop one solution for two very different dilemmas, and Birdie was born.  Birdie combines function and form to offer you top-of-the-line medical apparel with built-in reminders to live with mindfulness and gratitude. 

We know that first impressions can sometimes be the last, so we spent a year creating the blend of material you have been searching for.  Bryan wore prototype after prototype to work until we found a blend that allowed him to show up in an entirely better way.  Bryan’s wife, Heidi, is a nurse, and she designed a women’s line that neither looks nor feels like traditional scrubs.  She surveyed what she wears when she’s not working, and creatively turned fashionable pieces into functional medical apparel.  Our first line is lightweight, breathable, and comprised of pieces you will want to wear all day, every day.  You might have to wear scrubs, but you don’t have to settle for work-wear that keeps you from shining at your brightest. 

We designed something that will make you look your best, but feeling good is still an inside job.  To this end, our pieces are designed to nudge members of our community to develop mindfulness practices of their own.  Sometimes all it takes is a subtle reminder to shift your perspective, and all of our pieces are stitched with precisely such a reminder – an inconspicuous M to remind you to be Mindful.   Every time you see or feel the M stitched in your Birdies, remember that most of our problems arise from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, and when you shift into the present these problems can’t survive.   There is no time like the present, and all of our pieces are designed to keep you grounded right here – in the present. 

let’s grow together!

We are intentional about our corporate culture, and we chose to start small because we know our product will stand for itself.   We launched with one color and one product line to give you just a taste of what lies ahead as we grow organically.  We know you will love Birdie as much as we do and we are actively developing more options to help you complete your look.  We have an extensive line-up of pieces in the works, but we want to grow responsibly, and as a community. 

Starting small is an exercise in patience, but we want you to be a part of our journey.  We deliberately stayed away from venture capitalists and investors so we can maintain our corporate values.  We don’t want to answer to a board, but we do want to answer to you.  As a small company we know we have to earn your trust, and we want your feedback and insight as we grow.  We have several styles and colors in production, but we want to give you what you want, not what we think you want.  Help us evolve so we can bring the rest of our pieces to you.  Thank you for joining the Birdie community – Let’s grow together.

Size Guide
Size Ready-to-Wear Chest/Bust Waist Hip
XXS 0 31"-32" 23"-24" 33"-34"
XS 0-2 33"-34" 25"-26" 35"-36"
S 4-6 35"-36" 27"-28" 37"-38"
M 8-10 37"-39" 29"-31" 39"-41"
L 12 40"-42" 32"-34" 42"-44"
XL 14 43"-45" 35"-37" 45"-47"
1X 16 46"-47" 38"-39" 48"-49"
2X 18-20 48"-50" 40"-42" 50"-52"
3X 22-24 51"-53" 43"-45" 53"-55"



Size Chest/Bust Waist Hip
XS 33"-34" 27"-28" 33"-34"
S 35"-36" 29"-30" 35"-36"
M 37"-39" 31"-33" 37"-39"
L 40"-42" 34"-36" 40"-42"
XL 43"-45" 37"-39" 43"-45"
1X 46"-48" 40"-42" 46"-48"
2X 49"-510" 43"-45" 49"-51"
3X 52"-54" 46"-48" 52"-54"