Q:           How do your scrubs fit?
A:            See Size Guide.

Q:           Do you offer tall / petite sizing?
A:            Tall, petite, and short sizing are currently only offered in our navy scrubs.

Q:           Will you be offering new colors?
A:            Birdie is continually developing new colors for new releases. Stay tuned for early 2022.

Q:           Will you be offering new styles?
A:            Birdie is continually developing new styles for new releases. We have new products coming in 2022.

Q:           What are the care instructions for my Birdies?
A:            Turn the garment inside out, wash in delicate mode with cold water, delicate dry cycle.  Do not bleach and do not iron.

Q:           What type of fabric does Birdie use?
A:            Birdie is committed to providing the most comfortable and durable fabrics.  Our initial launch is light weight and breathable.  We will highlight new blends upon release.

Q:           What can I do if my size is sold out?
A:            Birdie is continually in production, but please provide feedback if you want more of a particular style. Email us!

Q:           Do you offer embroidery?
A:            Please let us know if you would like embroidery, and we can work with you to meet your individual requests. 

Q:           What is your exchange and return policy?
A:            Birdie is happy to return any garment within 30 days, provided it is in usable condition and with the tags still on. 


Q:           Where is my Order Number?
A:            Please check your confirmation email for your Order Number.

Q:           How long does it take to obtain a refund?
A:            We will do our best to refund within 14 business days.

Q:           How long do I have to wait for my order?
A:            We will do our best to provide your order within seven business days.

Q:           How much is shipping?
A:            Standard shipping is $8.95.

Q:           Why is there an “M” stitched on each of my garments.
A:            We get it, there is no M in Birdie.  The M is a built-in reminder for you to be Mindful.  When you see or feel the M stitched in your Birdie garment, show up in the moment as the best version of yourself.

Q:           Does Birdie help charities?
A:            Birdie developed a Stickers for Recovery program, under which proceeds are donated to charities committed to taking a stand against the nation’s opiate epidemic.



Size Guide
Size Ready-to-Wear Chest/Bust Waist Hip
XXS 0 31"-32" 23"-24" 33"-34"
XS 0-2 33"-34" 25"-26" 35"-36"
S 4-6 35"-36" 27"-28" 37"-38"
M 8-10 37"-39" 29"-31" 39"-41"
L 12 40"-42" 32"-34" 42"-44"
XL 14 43"-45" 35"-37" 45"-47"
1X 16 46"-47" 38"-39" 48"-49"
2X 18-20 48"-50" 40"-42" 50"-52"
3X 22-24 51"-53" 43"-45" 53"-55"



Size Chest/Bust Waist Hip
XS 33"-34" 27"-28" 33"-34"
S 35"-36" 29"-30" 35"-36"
M 37"-39" 31"-33" 37"-39"
L 40"-42" 34"-36" 40"-42"
XL 43"-45" 37"-39" 43"-45"
1X 46"-48" 40"-42" 46"-48"
2X 49"-510" 43"-45" 49"-51"
3X 52"-54" 46"-48" 52"-54"